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Black Madonna & Child

The 'Black Madonna' of Soweto painted by Laurence Scully
of the Star Teach Fund and presented to the Church by
mining magnate, Sir Harry Oppenheimer on February 1974.
The latter painting portrays the Virgin Mary carrying a
black child who is holding a cross in the left hand and
making a sign of victory with the right. The handshake
symbolised solidarity. The virgin Mary overlooks the houses
of Soweto, the Orlando and Elka Stadiums and the
Regina Mundi Church at the centre, symbolised by the
cross. The red spots symbolise the train stations of
various Soweto areas whereas the two forks and a
machete symbolise the suffering of the people of Soweto.
Regina Mundi
Roman Catholic Church
"Our Parish Mission is now! Come Holy Spirit and Renew the people of Regina Mundi."